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AGB Clustered Ark Servers

Ragnarok Map:
Center Map:
Island Map: 

(ATTENTION:  On the Ragnarok Map, we have allowed players to traverse past the the “WIP” wall that runs east to west in the middle of the map.  If you build anywhere south of that wall, you do so at your own Risk.  That area of Ragnarok is still being developed and is subject to change at any time.  If you lose your base, items or dinos because you build down there, there will be no compensation….. Just a a giant ‘told you so’.)

You can transfer characters, Dinos and Items back and forth between the servers.

Welcome to the AGB Ark: Survival Evolved info page.  We are an International gaming community that started back in 2001. We host multiple games for our community on our own dedicated hardware.  This allows us to provide a consistent, lag free experience for our player community, and ensures we can apply updates as quickly as possible.

Our Admins are VERY active. We have people monitoring the servers throughout the day.


AGB has its own hardware so that we have complete control over the experience of our gameplay. We strive to provide a lag free gaming experience (as much as is possible from an Early Release game!).  We welcome all donations to keep the server funded.

Server Rates

Rates and Info:

  • 5x XP
  • 5x Gathering
  • 5x Tame
  • 2x Egg Incubation
  • 4x Maturation
  • No Titans or Gigas
  • Web Alarms (via email and to Tribe Discord Channels)


Structures Plus
Platforms Plus
Death Helper

Server Community Definitions

Server Rules

ATTENTION Tribe Leaders-  YOU are accountable for every player in your tribe.  We will typically ban the entire tribe because it is rare there is one culprit within a tribe.  You are solely responsible for ensuring that your tribe understands the rules. 

Griefing and New Players

  • Griefing/harrasing low level players  is not allowed.  New players keeps our populations going.  Help them get established.  Advanced players needlessly griefing new players will result in the entire tribe being banned from all our servers.
  • IF a new player is toxic, or participates in any form of raiding or World PvP (including interfering with your taming), they forfeit all ‘New Player’ protection.  HOWEVER– If they don’t kill you or your dinos, and you want to retaliate, you will want to have screenshots if you attack a new player and/or their base.  If you or your dino are not killed, or they don’t attack your structure, there are no logs for us to see, so your evidence should be clear and concise! If not, let an admin deal with the issue.

Raiding Rules

  • You may not change your tribe name, or dino name within 48 hours of doing any World PvP or Raiding.
  • Killing of Passive AND Inactive dinos at any tribe’s base when you are NOT intending to IMMEDIATELY raid that base is not allowed.  If logs show anyone from your tribe killing dinos but you never actually raid base structures your tribe will banned from all servers.  That is not Raiding.
    • This does preclude the open World PvP rules.  This rule applies AT or NEAR a base (within visual range).
    • This is not a free pass to kill passive dinos that are not interfering with your raid. If you go out of your way to kill passive dinos that are not being used in raid at all, and an admin catches you, your tribe could be banned at our discretion.
  • Platform dinos used DURING ANY RAID are not permitted to have ANY structures with the exception of beds, storage boxes/smithys, and weapons (Mini guns, Rocket Turrets, Catapults, ballistas, etc. etc).
    • We will kill all platform dinos in a tribe if this rule is broken.
    • When not raiding you can construct houses, ramps etc for utility/mining purposes.  They must be removed before raid. “We forgot” will still result in you losing all of your platform dinos.
  • Raids must be completed within 3 hours.  After you are done, you can not return to raid the same Tribe for 48 hours.
  • You may not cage a player for more than 30 minutes.. After 30 minutes kill them or free them.

General Community Rules

  • Although this is a PvP server, ANY hate speech, racism, talk of any rape or other sexual conduct will result in an instant ban. If we see it in the logs, there will be no warnings.  If another tribe presents valid evidence of VOIP chat expressing any of this behavior, it will also result in an instant ban from all our servers.
  • If an admin has an issue with your tribe, the only place we will make an effort to warn you is in Discord.
  • No Blocking of ANY obelisk.  Obelisks are considered a neutral point on our servers and no one is permitted to block them in any way. Nor are you permitted to block any tribe/players access TO or FROM an Obelisk.
  • There is no building in the Volcano (Island) or Batman Island (Center), Carno Island (on either map), or in Artifact Caves of any kind.  Pearl caves in the Ocean on Island are also off limits. These are community resource areas.
  • Land blocking a player or tribe is where you build a structure directly against another player/clan’s land claim with the willful intent of preventing them from building/expanding.  This will result in your tribe being wiped. There will be no warnings.
    • The exception to this rule is for raiding.  You are permitted to build a raid tower in order to gain access to a base WHILE RAIDING  You can not setup structures in advance.  You are required to remove 100% of it when you are done.  If you feel that you would be unable to remove it all, then don’t build.  If we find left over raiding structures in a clan/players base, we will assume you did so intentionally.


If you need assistance, you can reach out to the admins in Discord in the Ark Channel.  you can also request an admin in chat, but discord will get you faster results typically.

Screenshots are your best friend.  Reach out to the admins in Discord in the Ark Channel.  You will need to provide as much detail as possible.

Our rules allow for the displacement of people that camp near your established base.  If they are encroaching, you are free to remove them.  Or ask them to move, then force them if they don’t comply.  Killing dinos that are at/in their base is unnecessary and is not considered World PvP