AGB ARK Survival Servers.

Since 2001.

What's New (Nov 23rd)

  • It is recommended that you request a Tribe Discord "role" (via the proper Discord channel) at the minimum. Tribe text & voice channels available upon request.
  • Without a Tribe 'role' in Discord, Admins will resolve any issues without your input. We do not attempt to chase down tribes in game chat to discuss issues.
  • Anything uploaded to the cluster is automatically deleted after 2 hours.
  • Admins will not replace dinos or items lost. Characters may be restored, at the Admins convenience; However, you will likely lose character progress depending how far back we restore from.

General Rules

  • Attempting to falsely use these tags, or impersonate an Admin, will result in a complete Tribe wipe and ban.
  • Any form of glitching will earn you a ban and possible tribe structure wipe.
  • A few examples: players hiding inside rocks, water air pockets, plant X etc. to shoot out from - or building structures in these areas
  • Bases that are built under the mesh or build inside glitched areas (holes in the waterfalls on Center, Glitched rocks on Ragnarok,etc.) will result in all tribe structures being deleted when found by a script or admin.
  • Using Body Bags at any time will result in your whole tribe being banned and wiped.
  • Turrets placed INSIDE a structure that target players or dinos outside that structure will result in a tribe wipe.
  • Repetitive killing of new player(s) will be viewed as griefing.
  • Repetitively killing the same players/tribes outside of raids will be viewed as griefing. Switch it up and find new targets for your PvP thrill.
  • If logs indicate you kill new players, or the same players/tribes more than you change your underwear, it will be viewed as griefing.
  • Not allowing new players or tribes to progress by constantly obstructing their ability to farm & tame will be viewed as griefing.
  • Allow new players room to grow & become competitive. Killing the competition before they can compete is cowardly & lacks gamesmanship.
  • Non-matching Tribe names within the clustered maps will be considered as intending to hide.
  • Changing Tribe names is allowed, however it must be done 48hrs prior to PVP / Raiding, or 48hrs post-PVP / Post-Raid - and updated across the clusted maps within 12 hours.
  • Changing names with the intent to hide who you are will get your tribe wiped.
  • Changing names within 48 hrs post-PVP or post-Raid will be considered as intending to hide.
  • Changing names with the intent to hide who you are will get your tribe wiped.
  • If you are being held captive, you should post in GLOBAL CHAT when you are first being caged.  This gives the admins a timestamp to know how long you have been held.  Without any solid basis for knowing when you were grabbed, the admins will not intervene.
  • If you have been held longer than 15 minutes, AND you correctly posted when you were first grabbed in chat, you should then contact an admin in Discord.
  • Catch & release, or kill the captives within the 15 minute timeframe.
  • Repetitively caging or incapacitating the same player is considered griefing - mix it up with different targets.
  • Any actions that inhibit or reduce your tribe's defenses or security before leaving the tribe is considered "insiding".
  • Leaving a tribe with anything other than your character is considered "insiding".
  • Everything earned, aquired, farmed/harvested, tamed, bred etc. within a tribe, belongs to the tribe.
  • If you chose to leave a tribe, you do not get to take items or dinos you feel belong to you.
  • IF YOUR TRIBE IS NOT A MATCH FOR YOU, and you feel you must leave the tribe, but have "earned" or otherwise feel you deserve more than the nothing you are allowed to leave with, contact admins PRIOR to leaving the tribe to help you negotiate a fair seperation package agreement. YOU WILL NOT GET TO PICK AND CHOOSE YOUR SEPERATION PACKAGE ITEMS, AND ALL NEGOTIATIONS WILL BE DONE AT ADMIN'S CONVENIENCE.
  • Admins will NOT replace anything lost to an "insider" - set tribe permissions, do not recruit unknowns.
  • Tribes with inactive or absent owners can request a new owner if the tribe can show cause.

Bases & Outposts

  • Tribes MUST place 4 flags (on top of, or otherwise visibly apparent from the outside looking in) at their main base to indicate this is your main base. IT WILL BE THE ONLY BASE YOU HAVE A RAID COOLDOWN ON.
  • Bases are any structure larger than a 3x3. HOWEVER, all buildings MUST be a functional base/outpost (farming/crafting/dinos etc.) Placing random non-functional structures (nothing more than beds or a storage box, etc) will be considered spam. Turrets found on small outposts with no discernable function will be treated like an FOB and will be removed, or the tribe could possibly get wiped.
  • You may not place a base/outpost up against the land claim of another tribe and then turret that building. Admins will consider that an FOB and wipe you for raiding violations.
  • Permanent Taming Pens are ONLY allowed inside the perimeter of your main base (the one with ORP). (See Taming Pen rule below).
  • We limit the amount of stuctures per tribe to reduce lag on our map. Do not expect to be able to build 3 mega bases on a map.
  • You MUST request an ORP pillar for your tribe in Discord, they are not craftable. Admins will spawn one in for you. Join our discord, and READ the ORP info and settings channel for more info on how to obtain an ORP pillar.
  • Tribes may have ONE OGS pillar total accross our cluster, that can protect small areas.
  • ORPs may NOT be used to block cave entrances. Period. See below.
  • ORPs may NOT be used to buff turret towers or turret walls. Period.
  • Turrets inside an active ORP do 5x damage.
  • ORP pillars will fully encompass a 9x9x5 or 7x7x8 area.
  • Dinos inside an active ORP will take ~90% less damage.
  • Structures inside an active ORP will have 25x health
  • OGS pillars will Auto-Decay 96 hrs after the last tribe member logs off the server. Log in or lose the protection.
  • OGS does NOT stop enemies or wild dinos from entering the protective bubble.
  • If two tribes merge, you are still only allowed one ORP Pillar per tribe across our cluster. If admins find any tribe trying to use more than one in the cluster, we will tribe wipe them on every map.
  • The ORPS are designed to protect dinos and valuables with a set size limit. Anyone caught abusing the intent of the ORP to essentially make their entire cave protected will be EVICTED from their cave. You will be forced to demo your entire base and move elsewhere while the rest of the sever mocks you and chants "Shame!"

  • Admins have no responsibility to warn tribes in violation of this rule.
  • Tribes in violation of this rule will be structure wiped.
  • You may report Taming pen violations in Discord, under the Ark Server Support channel - you must provide debug camera coordinates and map name, or your report will be treated as spam and deleted.
  • Anyone caught creating floating bases, structures or turret towers will be tribe wiped.


  • You can not block off an entire area of the map because you might 'someday' want to build on it.
  • We expect your base perimeter to be in line with your current or short term abilities to expand.
  • Foundation spamming may result in a tribe structure wipe, Admins will not give warnings.
  • Overzealous land claims will result an an Admin destroying anything beyond what is reasonably useable in the short term. You will not be compensated, or otherwise have these structures replaced.
  • Do NOT attempt to build bases in, or, store, hatch/raise babies, or breed dinos of any kind, in any loot/artifact caves.
  • Do NOT build base defenses or structures that will kill players/dinos entering/exiting any obelisks, loot/artifact caves.
  • Admins will structure wipe your tribe if your structures are blocking access to/from any obelisks or loot/artifact caves.
  • Admins will dino wipe your tribe if your dinos are found left behind in a loot/artifact cave.
  • Do NOT build base defenses or structures that will kill players/dinos entering/exiting the passages to the Underworld on Center map.
  • Admins will structure wipe your tribe if your structures are blocking access to/from the Underworld on Center map.
  • Admins will dino wipe your tribe if your dinos are blocking access to/from the Underworld on Center map.
  • DO not build your base where players will spawn. If you block a spawn point, admins will remove your base.
  • If you place turrets where they will kill players at spawn points, admins will remove your base.


  • There shall NEVER be any foundations, ramps, ceilings, or ANY OTHER structures used as a floor, or otherwise blocking the ground of the trapping/taming pen before/during/after impregnation process.
  • If, for whatever reason, a Reaper Queen does NOT burrow, or escape after it impregnates the first person, you MUST kill the Reaper Queen immediately.
  • Any tribe found to be in possession of more than one Reaper with the same Reaper Queen mother will be 100% Tribe wiped by Admins, and possibly a permanent ban of all tribe members.
  • Dropping eggs you don't want will cause new eggs to not spawn for more than 1 week.
  • If you do not want an egg that you have picked up, simply eat it!
  • Platform dinos must keep the front 1/3 of the platform 100% free of any structures.
  • No structures may be built down from a platform.
  • Ramps used for transportation are okay, but still must NOT block the front 1/3 of the Platform.
  • Platform dinos in violation of these guidelines at any time will be killed without warning.
  • Platform dinos in violation of these guidelines during a raid will result in severe penalties to include any combination of: tribe dino wipe, forfeiture of all tribe inventory (items, mats, BP's), a minimum 48 Hour ban of all tribe members.
  • If Admins suspect more of your dinos may be wandering the map on Aggressive stance, we will dino wipe your tribe.
  • If you decide to leave our servers, and set your dinos loose on Aggressive, your whole tribe will be banned permanently across our entire cluster.
  • Do not store valuables that you would normally store in a vault in your dinos.
  • This is to prevent the need to kill every dino during a raid to find loot.
  • This includes any dinos you can bury to attempt to hide loot.
  • Tribes caught doing so will forfeit all of your items, BPs, etc.


  • These rules apply to auto turrets only. There are NO restrictions how players use manually operated turrets.
  • Rafts with turrets can NOT be used as an FOB for ANY raiding. Period.
  • Turrets may be placed on bases or outposts IF it is a functional base/outpost (farming/crafting/dinos etc.) Turrets found on small outposts with no discernable function will be treated like an FOB and will be removed, or the tribe could possibly get wiped.
  • Turrets can NOT be used in open world to tame/farm wild dinos (including milk/egg farming).
  • Turrets can NOT be placed in open world for World PvP.
  • Turrets on outposts (any structure smaller than 6x6) must be located ON the structure (hatchframes are fine) or on the ground directly next to it (within ONE FOUNDATION).


Listed below are our standard raiding rules.  Two or more tribes may go to "war" with each other, negating the rules below when pvping or raiding against each other.  See Warfare Groups below

  • Tribes are protected until someone from the tribe reaches level 82, or any character in tribe is more than 20 days old, OR when a tribe leader elects to cancel their protection early. (see commands at bottom of page)
  • By the time you reach level 82, your tribe is expected to be prepared to defend against raids.
  • We will STILL enforce our griefing rules here. If you are 6 man tribe who goes around and raids solo player bases non stop, you are griefing. Admins will call your your inability to raid properly in a condescending and mocking manner.
  • If you join our server to be a large dominate tribe, you are expected to raid other large dominate tribes.
  • Our community player base has little tolerance for people who show up and chase off the little guys because it is easy, they think it is fun, or they simply lack the proper skills to raid someone at their skill level.
  • Raiding thatch beach bob huts is ALWAYS considered griefing, unless they raided you first. DONT DO IT, EVER. PERIOD!
  • All tribes are 100% permitted to raid/retaliate against any tribe once they are raiding other tribes, regardless of how small they are or what level they are. So if a solo player is going around raiding your base or other bases, admins will not care at all if they get wiped out.
  • Tribes MUST place 4 flags (on top of, or otherwise visibly apparent from the outside looking in) at their main base to indicate this is your main base. IT WILL BE THE ONLY BASE YOU HAVE A RAID COOLDOWN ON.
  • A "Valid" raid is defined as one where you are:
    • 1) Successful in breaching a tribes structures.
      2) You kill ANY dinos in a non PvP encounter (The tribe is offline so you go snipe a dino).
      3) The raid last more than 30 minutes for any reason.
  • If your tribe is chased off through active raid defense within 30 minutes of starting the raid, your raid is considered a failure, so only a 24 hour cooldown will apply.
  • The 72hr cooldown begins AFTER your raid ends. You are 100% responsible for knowing when your raid ended and when your cooldown vs that tribe is over.
  • There are no other cooldowns for any auxiliary bases, pens, outposts other than a tribes Main Base.
  • Tribes are encouraged to raid, and to get as much loot from a base as they can. But there is ZERO reason to completely wipe all the structures of any base unless you plan to claim that land.
  • There is generally no reason to kill every dino a tribe owns (dinos are not allowed to be use for vault storage).
  • Farming dinos in particular should be left if they do not impede upon a raid.
  • Tribes may apply for an extended raid time of an additional 3 hours for a planned raid taking place Friday to Sunday.  This request must be done at least 24 hours in advance. The opposing tribe will be given a 24 hour notice that a raid extension was approved.
  • Raids start the MINUTE you are seen setting up an FOB or engage any pvp at/near the target tribe's base.
  • If you are being raided and see an FOB being setup, your best course of action is to post in GLOBAL CHAT, then discord (screen shots always best) so that the admins have a timestamp to know when the raiders were spotted at your base..
  • We will use that timestamp to define the start.  Without that information, admins judge the start of a raid based on the first entry in the logs.
  • Any and all PvP between the attacking and defending tribes is considered progression.
  • Soaking turrets is considered progression. However, If there is no pvp between the raiders and the defenders (e.g. they are offline), We expect to see destruction or kill logs within 30 minutes of soaking turrets. With no pvp or destruction being logged, this tells us you are not actually soaking non stop and making progression.
  • FOB's MUST BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY when the raid is over.
  • If you are counter raided and driven off or wiped it is still your responsibility to remove any remnants of your FOB.
  • Turrets are allowed at or near (within 5 foundations) your FOB. Turrets can NOT be used to fully encompass a tribes base in an attempt to 'trap' them. Turrets can DEFINITELY be used offensively as part of a raid, but it must be a part of your FOB setup. Simply put, do not attempt to put 50 turrets around someone's base to surround them. Use them to help you progress into a base from the area where your FOB is stationed.
  • Rafts with turrets can NOT be used as an FOB for ANY raiding. Period.

Tribe Warfare

  • Tribes in declared war with others will have the tag "{w}" at the front of their tribe name.
  • Tribes must have a discord role on our server and ALL members must be in that role in order for you to participate.
  • Tribe warfare can ONLY be approved (or forced upon you) by admins. Until it is posted in discord officially for all to see, it is not real.
  • You agree to raid M-F from x hour to y hour.. weekends no raiding
  • No Base sniping OR non stop base sniping allowed
  • Max raid time will be x hours
  • You may only keep someone captured for X minutes or hours.
  • Anyone can world pvp a Warfare Tribe and they are allowed to PvP anyone as well.

Rates and Settings


  • XP: 3x
  • Gathering: 5x
  • Taming : 5x
  • Maturation: 10x
  • Incubation: 10x
  • Imprint Interval: .4x
  • Breeding Interval: .75x
  • Cave Damage: 10x
  • Offline Guard System Decay: 96 hours


  • Max Tribe Size: 6 (No tribe member rotations, no alternative tribe members on different maps of our cluster).
  • No Alliances
  • 1 ORP Shield Per Tribe, total, across the whole cluster. Post in Discord to obtain one.
  • Boosted Player and Dino Weight
  • Player Speed Stats: .66x
  • Idle XP is heavily nerfed here. You will get full XP for Killing, Crafting and Harvesting. Standing around doing nothing (including just flying from Note to Note) will get very little reward)
  • Max Player Level 145 pre-ascension (175 after full ascension)
  • Max Dino Levels: 150 (190 for Wyverns and Rock Drakes)
  • You can learn all engrams at 115.
  • All S+ walls have 10k health
  • No S+ Nanny
  • No S+ Tek Shield
  • No S+ Auto Crafter
  • No S+ Blueprint Maker
  • Grinders at Level 85

Structure Limits (per map)

Structure limits are new as of Extinction here. This is to help address Lag, 'lazy tribe spam', and to encourage more PvP and Raiding.
Very likely adjustments will be made as admins monitor the cluster.
Whining about structure limits will simply lead to admins leaving it all as it is and not listening to your tears.

  • 1 S+ Grinder.
  • 100 S+ auto turrets. (10 vanilla turrets allowed for rafts).
  • 100 S+ heavy turrets.
  • 100 S+ minigun turrets.
  • 25 S+ TEK Turrets
  • 25 Rocket turrets.
  • 50 Plant x/z.
  • 50 S+ Metal Gateways.
  • 2 Cliff Platforms of each type.
  • 2 Tree Platforms of each type.
  • You can not place vanilla versions of these items (expect for the 10 vanilla turrets). Convert it to s+ if you do.
  • Tribes have hard limit of 5000 structures total per map.

Dino changes

No Titanosaur spawns.
Brontos are NOT tamable.


!track <dino name>- Track your dino (no carrots around dino name). - Example - !track Snake Eyes

!npp info- Show your tribes New Player Protection Status

!npp disable- If you are the tribe leader, you can disable your tribe's protection early if you like with this command. (note this can NOT be undone)