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We are a family friendly Community. All are welcome, but must follow these rules.

Guild Chat

  • Language in guild chat must be kept clean. No swearing in guild chat.
  • Do not harrass, disrepect, or abuse ANYONE.
  • No direct use or connotations of foul language will be accepted.
  • No sex or drug discussions.
  • No using guild chat to beg for gold or as your auction house.
  • No Spamming Guild with ‘nonsense’ (e.g. no recount spam, no “grats” macros, etc).

If you are wearing our tag, you are representing us, so there is also no tolerance for the above idiotic behavior in general chat, trade chat, raids, or battlegrounds, while wearing our guild tag.

Toon Names

  • No names with an overtly sexual reference or innuendo.
  • No names depicting hate speech, sexism, or racism.
  • No names with direct use or connotations of foul language.
  • No drug-based names.