BF1, it is!

Discussion in 'Battlefield 1' started by The Wolf, May 6, 2016.

  1. The Wolf

    The Wolf What did Pred break now? Member

    Not sure, I see Revenge, Shag, and Chicken are still playing BF4, so that makes me think they haven't bought it yet. As for others, no idea who has it.
  2. Blackie

    Blackie Well-Known Member Member

    Yes! awesome game..
    I'm really enjoying it so far.
    Servers to rent are coming out soon ,1st week in November I think.
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  3. Night_Seer

    Night_Seer What was that sonny? Member

    Just bought BF1 today hope to see some of you guys again.
  4. Tyrel

    Tyrel Administrator

    I think most of AGB has moved on.. The crap EA pulled with self hosting servers and configuration options turned most of us off.

    Glad to see some people are enjoying it though!! Happy to see you Blackie! Been way too long. You should jump on discord at some point and say hi!
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  5. Blackie

    Blackie Well-Known Member Member

    Have you got BF 1 Pred?
    You should come play with us and bring Wraith with you!
    Already got you guys on Origin so come join us and have some fun..

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