Guild Wars 2 official release date - August 28

Discussion in 'Gaming General Discussions' started by Argo12, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Argo12

    Argo12 I nell sumpin'. Member

    link here

    I figured it would be out around Christmas, so this makes me very happy!
  2. firemed

    firemed Great Dane Owner Member

    WooT !!!!
  3. VaMarine

    VaMarine Vote Slinky in 2050 Member

    So where are you all playing?
  4. firemed

    firemed Great Dane Owner Member

    downloading as I type.
  5. Night_Seer

    Night_Seer What was that sonny? Member

    I'm on Stormbluff Isle, Warrior up to level 23 now. I'm enjoying it, it has a lot of nice things that get rid of the grindy feel of MMOs. Plus the fact that there is no monthly fee. It kind of sucks that I have to pay real money to expand my bank though. I know I can exchange gold for diamonds but I would need a lot of gold and it's hard to come by.
  6. Scorpion

    Scorpion Well-Known Member Member

    Im on it all the way to lvl 22 with a necro untill my laptop went down on me ( i would have payed more for the laptop if i knew it could do that) should get it back this weekend but im away to spain for a week so i will be back on the job after the 16th :D
  7. Argo12

    Argo12 I nell sumpin'. Member

    Yup, loving it. Got 5 toons (1 of each race), highest is 50. Really enjoying exploring, finding hidden caves and jumping puzzles, following personal quests, etc. I think we're on Sanctum of Rall. Something like that. The Mr. follows GW2 on Reddit and saw that someone who has a level 80 was advising people to not rush to 80, to just take your time and enjoy it. Guess there's not much for end-game stuff at the moment. Meh, I'm not worried about that. Still haven't been to a level 50 area. We rotate through our toons every few days. I think my level 50 has about 50% of the world uncovered so far. Still lots to see! Love the no-grinding aspect. I'm continually surprised by new events that pop up even though I've been through some areas 3 or 4 times. Lots of surprises!
  8. Lucid

    Lucid Well-Known Member Member

    That's it! I give. I'm off to buy it. Taking my kids to a renaissance festival today so I'll start the download when I leave and play when I get back. Can you still add friends like you used to? I haven't seen any toon names. Why haven't I seen any toon names??
  9. Night_Seer

    Night_Seer What was that sonny? Member

    Quick tip for everyone, make lots of 8 slot bags, and lots of alts, and instead of paying 10 bucks for more space in your bank, make bank alts. The included bank is ridiculously small and fills up quick. Also everything used for crafting has it's own large separate bank and can be deposited from anywhere using the little gear icon in your inventory. Very much enjoying this game and enjoying not paying a monthly fee :)
  10. firemed

    firemed Great Dane Owner Member

    What Realm are oyu guys on... I'm on Devona's Rest with a toon name of Madd Matillda
  11. H!kku:P

    H!kku:P Active Member Member

    Looked for a trial for it but couldn't find one. Bought it and have played for just a little bit. Wow, amazing graphics. So far seems like fun. Still playing SWtOR though too. I'm on "something" of Rall world. Will try looking anyone else on there up when I have a little more exposure to the game.
  12. Night_Seer

    Night_Seer What was that sonny? Member

    I'm on Stormbluff Isle, mostly play my Char Warrior "Harak Hur", and I too still have a SWtOR account though haven't been playing a lot lately.
  13. JTorres176

    JTorres176 (o.O) Member

    Is anyone still playing? I fire it up now and then, I've been enjoying the living seasons for some time, but it looks like a new expansion is coming out on 01 August, so I'll probably be picking it up again. Saprophyte.9542 is my tag if anyone wants to add me.

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