Honey, did you see the cat??

Discussion in 'Animal House' started by Viper, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Viper

    Viper Death from Above Member

    Many of you probably saw the Super Bowl along with its commercials.

    This is one of the best ones that I liked!!

    Apparently the family cat has gone missing and the family dog knows something!!


    Revenge: This reminded me of your dogs!!! Has this every happened to you? You can come clean!!!
  2. alligate

    alligate Brand of bothers Member

    I watched all of them online yesterday. I really felt Chevy won the battle in most categories: content, humor, exposure.
    They were followed closely by Coca-cola: Those polar bear ads were very well made, sometimes funny, and they really succeeded in touching the right sentiment. But they came in second to Chevy because of the the fact that it was a lot of the same.

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