Survivor DLC is now available on PTS (if you own the Season Pass)

Discussion in 'Division General Discussions' started by Busta Hipp, Nov 11, 2016.

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    For those of you who still play AND own the Season Pass, Survivor is available on the Public Test Server now. The 1.5 update containing the Survivor DLC and major gameplay updates is running on the Division PTS, which is free for anyone who owns the game. I've not played much, but Survivor is very different from the rest of the game and kind of hard to explain. You can play it PVE or PVP, solo or in a team. You have have a limited amount of time to complete the objective, and it uses the whole map and the Dark Zone. So anyone who was tired of all the ganking in the Dark Zone PVP might like playing it PVE.


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