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  1. Tyrel

    Tyrel Administrator

    Post your uplay name so other members can find and friend you.
    Please tag your forum name (put a '@' in front of you name like so- @Tyrel), your account name and please let us know what platform you are playing on

    I'll keep updating the list as people post.

    For PC:
    @Tyrel- AGB_TyrelSackett
    @Busta Hipp- Busta_hipp
    @Bourn = AGB_Wargasm
    @sgtpete - AGB_SgtPete
    @Maverick 711 - Mav711
    @Viper - viper714
    @Wraith - AGB_Wraith
    @The Wolf - TheWolf1973
    @StingrayHL - LittleSamson
    Jadrax = AGB_Jadrax
    @ghengiszu = @AGB_Ghengiszu
    Sam- kingbeardly
    @Runeshear- iskalla74

    @VaMarine -Vamarine xbone
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  2. HYDE

    HYDE NO 'EFFIN WAY!! Member

    @HYDE - nuematicdeer (I believe I spelled it wrong on accident when I registered)
  3. Busta Hipp

    Busta Hipp Wanna squeeze my horn? Member

    I updated my Uplay name to AGB_Busta_Hipp so Pred (aka Tyrel) wouldn't keep tk'ing me in the DZ back when he used to play The Division. It didn't stop him from tk'ing me, but at least he moved on to riding dinosaurs and throwing sticks and rocks at people instead of shooting them.;)

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  4. Leff

    Leff Well-Known Member Member

    My Uplay PC account is Leffson
  5. Viper

    Viper Death from Above Member

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