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AGB When Clans Attack

AGB When Clans Attack


Welcome to the AGB Conan Exiles Servers Page.  AGB is A Gaming Brotherhood. We are an International gaming community that started back in 2001. We host multiple games for our community on our own dedicated hardware.  This allows us to provide a consistent, lag free experience for our player community, and ensures we can apply updates as quickly as possible.

Our Admins are VERY active. We have people monitoring the servers throughout the day.  We have an admin clan on the server that builds raiding structures as events for the community to raid, organizes arena events, etc.  They will assist with game issues, but they are not here to remove you from a hole, or save you from a dragon who has you trapped.

Rates and Info:

  • No Gods
  • Max Clan Size- 12
  • Increased NPC (creature and thralls) Damage
  • Increased Minion Damage and Health (makes having defenders worthwhile)
  • Land Claim: 0.2
  • Cliff Bases Allowed (low land claim makes them very raidable)
  • 3x XP
  • 3x Harvest
  • 3x Crafting Speed
  • 30% Stam cost reduction
  • Resource Respawns: 2x faster.
  • PvP/Raiding Disabled from 1:00 am to 8:00 am Central time for first two weeks of the server

Server Community Settings and Definitions

Server Rules

  • Cliff bases ARE allowed. We have a .2 Land Claim which ensure people can get up on cliffs. There are no restrictions to how you build a cliff base.
  • There is no building around Caves of any kind.  These are community areas.  Also, the admins have designated these areas as artillery ranges. So if you build there, admins will get some artillery time in.
  • Building inside of terrain areas (like the black pillars) is forbidden.
  • Land blocking a player or tribe is where you build a structure directly against another player/clan’s land claim with the willful intent of preventing them from building/expanding.  This will result in your tribe being wiped. There will be no warnings.
    • The exception to this rule is for raiding.  You are permitted to build a raid tower in order to gain access to a base.  You are required to remove 100% of it when you are done.  If you feel that you would be unable to remove it all, then don’t build.  If we find left over raiding structures in a clan/players base, we will assume you did so intentionally.
  • During a raid, you are allowed to REPAIR damage to your existing structures.  You are NOT permitted to build over (and fill in) areas that are destroyed while you are being raided.  If you have a solid base design, there will be no need to fill in gaps.  If you are caught filling in walls, foundations etc during a raid, your base will be completely forfeit.
  • Foundation Spam to build large perimeters around a base (on the ground or a cliff) is not permitted. If found, Admins will Summon Yog to remove them from around your base.. However, the admin will be drunk, so there is a very high possibility sections of your base will suffer from the drunken navigation.
  • Griefing low level players  is not allowed.  New players keeps our populations going.  Help them get established.  Advanced players needlessly griefing new players will result in being wiped.  To prevent this, we have created a PvP restricted zone.
    • All areas south of Noob River (the River on the south side of the map that extends across west to east) are PvP/Raid free.
    • You may only build small Sandstone Structures. This is intended to be a starter zone only. No Brickstone or higher buildings are allowed in this area.  No Mega Sandstone Shopping Complexes either in the starting area.. Building a Mega Mall will result in the Gods coming to shop there.
    • No matter your level. Once you step foot across the water you are a legitimate target for World PvP.
  • DO NOT block access to NPC Camps.  If you prevent free access to the camps in any way (walls, spikes, etc), you will find your clan structures completely removed.
  • Raids must be completed within a couple of hours.  After you are done, you can not return to raid the same Clan for 24 hours.


If you need assistance, you can reach out to the admins in Discord in the Conan Channel.  you can also request an admin in chat, but discord will get you faster results typically.

Screenshots are your best friend.  Reach out to the admins in Discord in the Conan Channel.  You will need to provide as much detail as possible.

Our rules allow for the displacement of people that camp near your established base.  If they are encroaching, you are free to remove them.  Or ask them to move, then force them if they don’t comply.  Killing Thralls that are at/in their base is unnecessary and is not considered World PvP


Our Conan Servers do not currently run any mods.


AGB has its own hardware so that we have complete control over the experience of our gameplay. We strive to provide a lag free gaming experience (as much as is possible from an Early Release game!).  We welcome all donations to keep the server funded.