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Here are some of the questions that the officers are repeatedly asked.

What type of guild are you?

We are a family-friendly social guild. We are about fun, not about being number one the server. You will find people from all over the world in our guild. We are mostly adults, many married couples, many with kids, many of whom also play! Everyone in our guild knows that WOW is a game. There is a real life outside of WOW, and we all have commitments that trump this (or any) game.

What are the guild rules?

Check out the Guild Rules page.

Who runs the guild?

Tyrelsackett is our guild founder and leader. He has hand-picked several capable individuals to help him run the guild. Anyone with guild rank of Officer, Master Officer, or Co-Guild-Leader is happy to answer any questions you have.

I want to raid. Who do I need to talk to?

Make sure you have read all the guild rules and raiding requirements first, and then talk to any Officer or Raid Leader in game or use our contact form.

How do I become an Officer?

It doesn’t matter at all how many geared toons, achievements, or PVP kills someone has. Officers are chosen because they are consistently helpful, involved, and mature. In fact, none of the current officers even asked to become an officer…

How do I get and connect to Discord

Join us on Discord by clicking this link: AGB Discord Server

You can use Discord from a web browser, any mobile device or download the app.

I just joined your guild and can’t take anything from the bank. What’s the deal?

We have been burned in the past. People would join, take what they could from the bank, and then leave. The bank is there to help guild members. It’s not there for someone we don’t know to grab something to sell on the auction house and then gquit.

Upon joining, everyone gets the rank of New Member. By default, that rank cannot remove anything from the bank. If you need something specific and relevant to your toon level/professions, ask an Officer in-game.

Once we get to know you and see that you’re an active, helpful member who will stick around for a while, and you’re not just trying to smash and grab, your guild bank access will increase.