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Welcome to AGB Gaming

Arrested Development is an Alliance raiding guild on the west coast (US-Proudmoore). Our guild is extremely active, family friendly place where everyone knows your name (Norm!).

We are socially oriented and very friendly. We pride ourselves on providing a fun, safe gaming environment for members of all ages and types. We welcome experienced players as well as people brand new to the game.

The officers and our member base is extremely helpful and we are always helping people learn how to play the game, how to raid and just generally enjoy the game.

Our philosophy is that you’re paying money to play this game, so it should be fun. But real life always comes first. Many of us have jobs and kids (some of whom are in the guild!), so we maintain a casual, non-elitist atmosphere.

Feel free to explore this site to learn more about us, and if you’d like to join, ask around in game for an invite!

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Raid Teams

AGB Guild Raid Teams

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Shake ‘n Bake

Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30pm-9:30pm
Raid Leaders- Magnuscalgar / TyrelSackett / Zaolot