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Welcome to the AGB Learn to Raid Assistance Program.

If you are interested in learning to raid we offer assistance to help you get started.

This is for any player that simply wants to learn to raid so that they can casually raid for fun, or for the players that want to work towards serious progression and possibly even heroics.


The basics of raiding begin before a player ever enters a raid instance.   We will help you work towards getting the minimum gear to begin raiding.  You will learn how to properly gem and enchant your gear so that you can then begin to learn the mechanics of raiding.

We will help players learn to use websites like AskMrRobot.com so that you can learn how to properly apply upgrades as you get new gear.


Every class is different.  Even within a single raid, different classes change up strategies and assignments boss by boss.  Talents often change between fights.  We help players learn how to properly prepare their toon for each raid and each boss within a raid.

Going into with proper food, potions and flasks are important.  We help each class know what’s beneficial to take to raid, and when the proper time is to use it.

Macros are wonderful thing!  Each class has specific macros that can help in a raid, and in some cases specific macros help in a very specific fight.  We help make the most of using macros to make the most out of raiding.


We help players learn how to research the fights before they ever set foot into an LFR (Looking for Raid) or a flex run.  There are a multitude of sites out there that provide both strategies and videos on the fights.


The most important part of raiding is learning the mechanics of the raid.  Everyone is new to a raid at some point.  Researching it beneficial, but nothing gets you experience like actual experience in a fight!  We run Flex raids where we step through the mechanics for each boss.  We have experienced raiders that will cover the Tanking, Healing and DPS perspective of any fight.

Here are some resources for leaning the different raid bosses mechanics and strategy guides


https://www.youtube.com/user/FatbossTV (MATURE LANGUAGE)