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About Us

Our Mythic raid group is a progression minded semi-hardcore group of raiders.  This group maintains a very competitive, fast paced raid experience while maintaining a very social atmosphere in our guild.

If you are looking for more casual raiding with the guild, look here.

This group is NOT for casual raiders.  Attendance and performance IS expected.  Players in this group WILL be replaced quickly if they are unable or unwilling to comply with the groups requirements.  Since this raid team only raids 2 to 3 days a week, we have HIGH expectations for rapid performance.  If you feel it would take you weeks to get a mechanic down on a boss and/or aren’t willing to research the fights ahead of time, this is NOT the raid group for you.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm server time (Pacific Time Zone).  We start invites at 3:45 pm server time and everyone is expected on by that time unless they have notified the Raid leaders. If you can’t consistently make those times on all three days, don’t apply.

Group Information

This group is a performance based group. There will be an analysis of each night’s raid. Corrections/improvements are expected. This group must be able to work well together, helping each other constantly improve. If you’re not looking to improve, or can’t take criticism, this is not the raid group for you. Equally as important, we will be watching for raid awareness and survivability.

This Group will run on a 25 man Roster. This is to ensure raid consistency.  Depending on how many people will need to be out for Real Life situations on any given week, we will then need to have a few people sit out that week.  Anyone who has to sit out one week will raid the following week.   We have a designated list of alternates/substitutes that are available should more than 5 people be out in a given week.  Everyone in our 25 man roster WILL be assured raid time.



  • Our number one Guild Rule is no Drama.  That applies to this raid group as well.  We will not accept anyone who comes in and acts elitist or is degrading to other raid teams or non raiders in guild.  First and foremost this guild is a family friendly guild.  It always has been, and always will be. 90% of the guild does NOT raid.  Anyone who can’t play nice will be removed without question.
  • You must bond well with the group. Synergy is important. You will be expected to participate in other activities with the group from time to time.
  • Self-sufficiency and pitching in is expected. While the guild provides potions, flasks and food, there is an expectation that group members will carry their own consumables and help contribute mats for the group.
  • No distractions.  People blaring music behind them during raid or watching TV will be replaced.


  • Know your class. We monitor logs carefully. We KNOW if you are using potions, dispells, misdirects, cooldowns, etc.
  • You will be expected to pull numbers appropriate to your class and role. You must perform in line with your class. (We don’t remove folks with the lowest DPS numbers – different classes perform at different levels and have different utility factors.). If you AOE spam to pad your numbers when you should be single targeting the boss, you will be replaced.
  • We expect all members to Min/Max their characters.  We expect everyone to get the most out of their class/spec.
  • You must follow directions well.


  • You must have a working Microphone to communicate with the entire raid team on Teamspeak.
  • Facebook Group Participation: we coordinate and plan via the Facebook group. All members will be expected to follow and participate. NO Exceptions.


  • Your computer MUST be able to handle the load of a 25-man raid configuration. If you have so much lag in 25-man that you can’t perform, don’t ask to join.
  • You must be using the required addons.  There is no exception to this.

Attendance Rules

Nothing ruins a group more than inconsistent player attendance.   Our minimum attendance requirement for this group is 90%.

Our attendance policy is based on a points system.

  • Our Points system runs on a 10 Raid cycle.
  • Running 3 days a week means that a 10 raid cycle is 3 weeks of raiding plus one additional day.
  • It does NOT mean a 10 WEEK Raid cycle.

Players who are late, or leave early do not receive full credit for the raid.  Vacations that are pre-planned (or other pre-planned necessary time off) do not count against your attendance record.   Missing a scheduled raid for Work/Family etc will count as an excused absence.

You can, and most likely will be, dropped from the raid group for falling below our 90% attendance in the following scenarios :

(All scenarios are based on a 10 raid cycle)

  • Missing more than 4 raids (excused absence).
  • If you arrive late more than 2 times.
  • If you leave early more than 3 times.
  • If you have more than one no show.

As part of loot priority, Members with 95% or higher attendance have a higher priority over members who’s attendance is below 95%.

Loot Rules

The Mythic team raids using a loot council that considers role, attendance, gear and performance as primary factors- in that list order.  We operate on this simple mantra:

We Gear the Raid, not the Toon

By making the raid team strong, we will clear more bosses.  More bosses means more loot.

Role priority is typically Tank, Healer, DPS in that order.  When considering gear priority, we look at upgrade value, Tier and BIS.   We may assign loot that is BIS for a DPS to a healer or tank if it helps more as a level upgrade.  We may also give a BIS for a tank or healer to a DPS because the level upgrade is that significant.   Ultimately our goal is to strengthen the raid group so that we can clear more bosses faster.

Trial members are excluded from loot unless no member of the core raid team needs the loot (remember you still have bonus rolls).  This policy is not to punish or exclude Trial members, but to ensure the progression of the raid team isn’t hurt by handing gear off to people who aren’t full time members of the raid.  Once a trial member becomes a full member they are immediately credited with all of their attendance points and receive equal priority for loot as the rest of the team.  Once you are a member there is no ‘working your way up’ for gear.

How to Apply

Submit an application here.  Once we receive it, we will contact you via email and possibly btag to setup an interview on Discord.